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Terry Jester and "Levi"

Terry Jester
Companion Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer
Telephone: 970-568-7585
Address: 506 West County Rd 84, Wellington, CO 80549
By Appointment Only

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Over 35 years of experience helping people with problem animals and animals with problem people. Author of numerous books on animal behavior, radio host, and Coloradoan columnist, Terry is here to help. Consultations and Training Because of Terry's expertise in determining the origin of problem behaviors it is usually not necessary to commit to many weeks of training. Terry can usually identify and fix the problem or problems in only two or three sessions. Terry specializes in the dogs that other trainers give up on: unruly, aggressive, unresponsive – Terry can help turn your problem animal into the pet he or she is meant to be. Frustrated? Mad? Don't give up! Get results.

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Behavioral Consultations One Dog – Three Sessions $225
Two Dogs – Three Sessions $300
Three Dogs – Three Sessions $375

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The first session is almost always conducted at Terry's office north of Wellington. An evaluation is administered and a treatment plan is proposed. Treatment is started immediately and results are usually noticeable as soon as the first session is concluded. Subsequent sessions are conducted at the owners' home or elsewhere in order to achieve desired goals.

Testimonial from a satisfied client: “I can't believe how fast Terry's methods worked! I've spent hundreds of dollars and weeks of training with other trainers and got nowhere. Terry spent one hour with me and my dog and it's like I have a new dog. One I actually want to keep! I can heartily recommend Terry Jester.”
Kim, Loveland, CO.

Neopolitan Mastiff and Sheep Friend
One of Terry's "clients" becomes comfortable around livestock